Festival ProTeatr

The All-Russian festival of special theaters “Proteatr” with participation from across the globe is a unique event within Russian culture. The Festival represents the best developments in handicapped theater currently in Russia. At this time “Proteatr” is the only event presenting the greatest achievements in the Russian special theater movement.

The Festival includes both academic and practical activity and reconsiders questions about human nature, attitudes to society and culture, and creative activity. The Festival holds workshops for directors and actors in special theatres, creating a unique space for professional development among special theater’s workers.

Our participants have a variety of functional disabilities such as vision disorders, hearing disorders, mental deficiency, people with locomotion disorder, people with emotional difficulties and people with somatic, genetic and psychic diseases.

The Festival aims to nurture the creativity of people with developmental disabilities (people who have any form of disabilities from childhood); and encourage the establishment and development of special theaters in Russia. The Festival occurs once every three years.
The Festival presents all genres of special theaters: musical, dance, dramatic, puppet, circus, variety, and more. In this way the Festival promotes a more complete examination of special theater’s phenomenon.

“Krug”, the regional organization (RPA «Krug») for the social rehabilitation of children and youth with special needs and their families, founded the All-Russian and International Festival of Special Needs Theater.